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Enchanted Time - Amy Elizabeth Saunders

According to the only e-reader that I own, I'm such a slow and lazy reader that I still got more than one hundred hours to go to reach the end of the story. But it's not because I'm such a slow, or such a lazy reader as my e-reader shows me to be, but because this enchanting story captivates me and simultaneously confuses me, and I find the chapters really hard to read through, even though they aren't that long. Anyway, nothing much has happened in the last chapter, or the chapter before that chapter, and I'm still having mixed feelings about Julian's and Ivy's sleeping arrangement. She was so feisty in the beginning and then she just relented to his wishes, because, you know, he was so damn attractive and so damn hot, she just couldn't resist his charm and had no other choice but to accept his deal. Well, she had one choice, she could have gone away and starved to death and preserved her dignity. So you see, nothing romantic at all. Julian has shown some character depth though, but not that kind, that I as a reader am searching for in a character. And neither did Ivy. Thus, Susanna is still my favorite character, and at the moment, she's the only reason why I find this story captivating enough and why I even remotely desire to finish it.

Reading progress update: I've read 164 out of 345 pages.

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan

Well, I just finished the ninth and tenth chapter of this wonderful story, and all I can say to you to perhaps peak your interest and perhaps convince you to give this wonderful story a shot, is that the ninth chapter consists of a delightful business conversation between Gareth and Mr. White, and Ned’s honorable and humble sacrifice, and tenth chapter consists of a very steamy and immensely erotic scene between Gareth and Jenny. But since we are not even halfway there, and there’s still so much to explore and to tell about Jenny and Gareth, take a guess to what happened between them. Nothing at all. But they are clearly falling in love with each other, and I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes for them to admit their true feelings to each other and consummate the god-damned deal.

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Enchanted Time - Amy Elizabeth Saunders

I'm barely halfway through this enchanting story and there are so many things going on, that I find it really hard to follow all of them. I love the backstories of all the characters, and especially how they seem to relate to each other to some extent, and I love the way the author is bringing out their faults, and their imperfections. Susanna is my favorite character. But I cannot help but wonder where it will all lead from now on, and what could possibly happen next with so many chapters still to go. Those villagers are not the kindest of people, and Ivy’s a stranger to their land thus very vulnerable target of their beliefs of witchcraft. And Julian is still very far away from being the knight in the shining armor, or from being the man who's willing to save the damsel in distress, and save the day.

Reading progress update: I've read 136 out of 345 pages.

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan

Really wish I could read more of this wonderful story to offer you much more of its rich content, but I’m stuck with limiting my reading time during my coffee breaks. Chapter eight was quite interesting, Gareth has finally told Jenny what he sees when he looks at her, and Jenny has finally told Gareth what she sees when she looks at him. Nothing that promising, but still
enough for anyone, to see their real character depths, the ones they keep hidden from everyone including each other to not appear as weak and vulnerable as they really are. And Jenny finally admits to herself that she’s not who she says she is and who she pretends to be, and finally out of the goodness of her heart, pushes Ned, who has a heart of gold, into the right direction.

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Enchanted Time - Amy Elizabeth Saunders

Well, the ninth and tenth chapter did offer something more. Not that much more, but more than enough to keep me entertained and invested into Ivy’s and Julian’s story. By that I mean jumping rabbits, tender moments, and delightful conversations. Ivy and Julian are really starting to grow on me, even thought it’s apparent that there’s still a long road ahead of them, before they can become more than just two lovers infatuated with each other. And there’s also a very big problem with the villagers who can accuse Ivy of being a witch at any given moment and interfere into their love story. I really hope that doesn’t happen, but there’s a very big chance it will happen, and completely turn Ivy's and Julian's world and their sleeping arrangement upside down, and quite possibly force them to see each other in new light.

Reading progress update: I've read 119 out of 345 pages.

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan

This chapter was so masterfully done, and so brilliantly written piece of story, that I’ve got no words for it, but praise. What I really like about this wonderful and intriguing story though is, the way things are progressing between Gareth and Jenny, and how they are not afraid to share their true thoughts and show their true emotions to each other anymore, and they are slowly falling in love by playing their very intense and immensely erotic seduction game. And the best part? There’s still like two hundred pages for me to read and devour, and Jenny and Gareth are still very far away from reaching romance and having a relationship, so I’m very intrigued and very excited to what could possibly happen next, and when it does happen, I'll be sure to share it with you, without trying to spoil too much of the story.

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Enchanted Time - Amy Elizabeth Saunders

I have very mixed feelings right now after finishing the first half of the eight chapter. I know, and I understand that Julian’s just a troubled man with needs and a lot of problems on his mind, after all, he’s expected to marry, and that Ivy’s just a very vulnerable woman, because of the situation she has found herself in, and wants to make the best of it, so she can someday return back home back into the future, and to her store, but they shouldn’t have done it out of infatuation, which was a result of Lady Margaret’s meddling and misspoken spell. They should have done it out of love. Pure and simple. I’ve no idea what’s next and what’s in store for Julian and Ivy, but there’s still sixty percent to go, so I’m very hopeful that their story and their newfound romance won’t disappoint me and will instead offer me something more truthful to eternal and unconditional love. Something for me to remember them by.

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Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan

And he kissed her. His lips were light on hers, but he seared her nonetheless. Her hands drifted up to cup his face, still morning-smooth beneath her fingers. His body pressed against hers, hard planes of muscle and sinew. His tongue darted out like a lick of flame. He was going to burn her up. 


She had been burnt before. She scrambled off his lap while she still could and beat a hasty retreat across the room. He watched her go and then stood, somewhat awkwardly, shuffling round the chair until he could reach the knot she'd made of her stocking.


Wow, this chapter was so intense and so immensely erotic, it took me quite some time to go through it. Knowingly, of course. And I’ve no doubt there shall be plenty more of them to follow. One reason more, why I’m slowly falling for this wonderful and intriguing story filled with so many well written scenes and so many well written characters. What I really love about it right now though, is that Gareth and Jenny are trying to seduce each other, but as they are doing that, they are slowly falling in love with each other and uncovering their true selves, the selves they’d rather to remain unknown.

Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

Enchanted Time - Amy Elizabeth Saunders

"It seems you have a taste for orphans, Ramsden. You cannot keep bringing them home like so many stray pups."


"Heed me, Astley. You have me by the balls, to be crude: you and that brewer's son Cromwell. But I will be master in my own home. I will marry your daughter, but I'm not your lacky. Are we clear?"


Julian is finally showing some truly great character depth, and that he's got a very good heart he doesn't show very often. He saves a young orphan girl named Daisy in this chapter, and brings her to his castle. But what I really love about this chapter is the insult aimed straight at him by Astley and Julian's sudden response to it.

Reading progress update: I've read 80 out of 345 pages.

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan

I'm five chapters into this wonderfully crafted story, and I’m already enjoying all the banters between Jenny and Gareth, and also the rest of the characters. I love how Jenny who is a fortune teller is challenging Gareth who is a scientist to prove her wrong and a fraud, and I can already feel the love between a fortune teller and a scientist floating in the air out there somewhere, and it is only a matter of time when it will land on their shoulders. What I don’t like about this story though, and what I’m not particularly fond of, is that Ned, Jenny’s client and Gareth’s cousin, and a really nice guy who deserves to be loved, is caught in between and can’t really seem to catch a break with any woman, because of their stubborn attitudes. But I’m very hopeful that just like Jenny and Gareth, he will also eventually get his happy ending.

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Enchanted Time - Amy Elizabeth Saunders

Not the most excessively romantic line for such a beautiful and outstanding piece of literature, but I really love Ivy’s feisty attitude and the fact that she won’t just relent and surrender to Julian’s wishes and be one of his lovers. I do hope he’s going to change his attitude soon, because right now, he’s not the most charming and honorable knight in the shining armor. But the story itself is getting more and more interesting with every chapter, so I’ve no doubt he will.

Tessa Dare - Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare

Lucinda Waltham, Lucy for short, is a very bright, very kind, very funny, and naturally also very beautiful young lady any man would be extremely lucky to have by his side. But the thing is, she is still a virgin and inexperienced when it comes to love, so she’s got her eyes set on her childhood crush of so many years, a charming but not overly bright guy named Toby Aldridge, who unfortunately for her, has his eyes set on her very good friend, beautiful and charming Sophia Hathaway and plans to propose to her and to marry her someday. So Lucy, decides it’s finally time to win Toby’s heart and Toby’s devotion before he proposes and marries Sophia, and visits her brother Henry’s best friend Jeremy, a well known ladies man, Jemmy for short, one night, so she’d learn how to kiss a man prior kissing Toby, and they kiss and thus start their own romance. But will one kiss be enough, or will there be plenty more of them to come, will Lucy realize that her true love is within her arms reach and not out of her arms reach? That’s the kind of question I was asking myself for the first half of this wonderful story, and the kind of question you will be asking yourself as well. There’s plenty of beautiful scenes in it, which you will learn to love and cherish, and Tessa Dare’s writing itself makes this story truly a wonderful read for anyone who’s into historical romance and is searching for a short and perfect getaway into a wonderfully crafted world.

Kate Noble - The Game and the Governess

The Game and the Governess - Kate Noble

Very beautiful, very humorous, and very lovely story of an earl Ned Ashby who's so confident and sure of himself that he believes he's beloved by everyone no matter the title, and can get any woman he desires to bed. So one day, he accepts the wager with his closest friends, his secretary John Turner, and doctor Rhys Gray, who challenge him he cannot do that with any woman, and is very determined to prove them wrong, that he can, even by assuming a different identity and pretending to be somebody that he's not. But what he doesn't plan is to meet beautiful, charming, and very intelligent Phoebe Baker the outstanding heroine whom you shall grown to love, who not only turns his life upside down once she falls into their trap, but also everyone else's, and has got her own secret and her own devious agenda in mind. So, the question that remains is, will Ned under pretense of being somebody else manage to win the wager and win Phoebe Baker's heart, will he lose the wager and thus admit to his friends he's not beloved by everyone after all, or will our earl realize the error of his ways and give his own heart away in the process of obtaining Phoebe Baker's heart? It's a little bit different take on historical romance, but lovely, sexy, saucy, and masterfully done nonetheless, and also quite enjoyable. And the love story itself makes the reading quite worthwhile.

Lisa Kleypas - Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine - Lisa Kleypas

Madeline Matthews is a very beautiful, very kind, and very smart or should I say intelligent, bold, and confident young lady, and her parents who happen to be very important to a society, want her to marry a much older and very disgusting old fart who only wants her for her body and not for her brain, or for who she really is. So Madeline as smart as she is, comes up with a devious plan to quit school, and to seduce the most eligible bachelor in London named Logan Scott. But not everything goes as planned for Madeline, once she sees the true Logan Scott, and not the person who he pretends to be to get rid of all those past demons from his childhood that haunt him. So naturally love gets in a way of things, and she falls in love. But will he return those deep feelings she has for him, will he ever learn of her devious plan and what he was really a part of ? That's the true beauty of it, and what makes this simple yet so delightful story, a love story at its finest.

Jody Hedlund - An Uncertain Choice

An Uncertain Choice - Jody Hedlund

Before she was born, Lady Rosemarie's parents made a vow to God that Lady Rosemarie would become a nun when she turned eighteen years old. And Lady Rosemarie is willing to honor that vow even years after her parents death, and prepared to become a nun. But then, one day, she gets a visit from an old family friend, a duke, and he tells her that there's a way for her to break that vow, by finding herself a man and falling in love with him before she turns eighteen years old. By that, I mean one of the three very honorable and very charming knights that duke brought with him to court her and to make her fall in love with one of them. At first, she's very doubtful that the whole thing could work, and she could fall in love with one of them, but then she agrees to the duke's plan and does her best to let them win her heart. But finding true love is never easy, and that rule applies to her as well, since she's still very young, thus very naive and very inexperienced. And of course, since she's so beautiful, her inner and outer beauty manages to win all of their hearts, and trouble get in a way. But the question is, will the trouble eventually stop, will she find her true love and her true happiness in one of those three knights, before she turns eighteen, or will she become a nun and honor her parent's vow? I guess you're just going to have to read it.

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